Adversity to Diversity: Osaka Gas Thinks Different for You

Our unique multi-disciplinary outlook dates back to 1975(?) when the company hired 3,000 staff to help its transit form a conventional oil and gas company to a natural gas company.

However, when the project ended in 1990, OG went against the tide and retained these staff in line with the Japanese custom of life long loyalty to staff members.

As a result, the company went into many other new businesses to absorb these staff. Today, the non-energy businesses not only form some 25% of OG's profits but more importantly it contributes a diversity and non-energy mindset that the energy business can draw from to help solve its problems.

This same movement away from conventional wisdom is repeated in its move outside of Japan. OG is first Japanese power company to export it’s gas solutions services outside Japan.

OGSEA brings 40 years of LNG marketing and trading to South East Asia. It will fulfil the sincere desire company to contribute and improve the living standards of the ASEAN economy. This is further supported by its 115 years of history in the energy business since its founding in 1904.